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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey, what about asking him to pay for bringing your dog to where you are instead?
Because I've been getting updates and she LOVES her new home. She went to live with the mother of the woman that lived next door to us in Indy. So, she is spoiled rotten - she gets to sleep in the bed with this woman, she goes EVERYWHERE with her (which is great because she loves rides ), and the one child that she has always loved (our neighbor's son) visits once a week so she gets to see him and play with him but doesn't live with him (she has a fairly low tolerance for children when she gets tired). I also looked up the safety concerns for dogs traveling separate from their people and there are quite a few deaths every year. She is a mix of 3 flat nosed breeds, as well, so the likelihood of her breathing being affected by flying is also increased. Keith told me we could make it work and get here out here, but since she had to adjust to a new home already, I don't really see the point of uprooting her life again for me. She seems perfectly happy where she's at, and since I know she's ok - I'm fine with it.
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