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Default Name This Relationship

I recently broke off a monogamous relationship because it just wasn't true to who I am.

And I joined this forum so I can find out the relationship that is intimate, honest, and true to the way I am intimately, emotionally, and sexually.

And I wanted to see if anyone else is in the relationship I've been thinking of (or if there's a name for it):

I am looking for a female best friend to live with, platonically (she can be straight or gay), and start a family with (whether natural or AI). I'm hoping it's someone who can be a life partner.

At the same time, we would both continue to date and/or be in relationships (though parenting and mutual respect would always come first).

What I've been thinking is this is a way to separate sexual possession from the emotional connection of a family. One can love the mother of their children like one loves one's own children or parents, yet is still free to get sexual needs met however one wants--and to allow those needs to change over time without it affecting the partner.

Is there a name for this? Is anyone else in this type of relationship? And can anyone recommend how to start searching for it?
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