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Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post
Really!? Do you mind telling me how you think its relevant? You see I always think my own issues are irrelevant until someone explains it to me through their eyes.
Sure-polyamory in SO many ways is about improving upon ourselves to make us CAPABLE of TRULY loving other people.
Sure-the POINT of polyamory is different for everyone, but there is a common theme in that we are struggling to MAKE multiple loving relationships FUNCTION and in order to do that we really have to improve ourselves.

Also-when trying to make multiple loving relationships function we more often come up against our own b.s. issues. Being faced more often with them forces us to either get REALLY good at hiding from ourselves, or deal with them.

So here you are facing this very real issue that impacts your LOVING-ness and that is SO pertinent to what we are all doing right now in one way or another in our poly-lives.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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