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Default The second check in

This morning I awoke to hear him rolling in bed, awake. I worried that he was uncomfortable being here, so I got up and made him a cup of hot black coffee. We were all still naked. She was passed out hard for a while and then slowly her consciousness came back. I told them both that I wanted to stay in this morning and be together without alcohol being the catalyst. i wanted to check in with each other about the previous night. there were a couple of things I needed to say, and I wanted to hear their thoughts and such. I expressed how I felt like I was on the sidelines last night while they were directing energy at eachother 95% of the time. I want to be included. She said she doesn't even know how to do a threesome, which is a very good point! It's new for all of us!

I talked about how if 2 of the 3 are focusing on each other the 3rd can either leave, support & stay close & participate on the sidelines, or feel neglected or some other hard feelings. A good 3some involves cycling energy and brings everyone into the energy flow reguularly. You kiss him and then kiss me after a while. While you suck on his cock, I fuck you from behind, while you make love to him, you look at me and tell me you love me and hold my hand, etc.

She and I both wanted to know if he wanted to leave or was okay with being here or even better wanted more! We just cant read him that well yet, and we have to ask how he is doing. I brought up sucking his cock, and he was okay with it although shocked by it.

We told him that we both really want hiim to come, and she shared that its one of her favorite things and she loves cum showering her and erupting into the air. We wanted him to be comfortable coming all over the place and not hold back.

We talked about boundaries and asked if each other had any boundaries rear their head.

It came up that my lovely wife was freaked out by me sucking his cock. Funny that! She and I had often spoken about threesomes with another man and she'd always said it would be hot for me to suck his cock, but when I grabbed it from her hand and mouth last night, it freaked her out! she said it wasn't that bad, but she was shocked and unprepared and hadnt expected it. Well, that was my experience too! I hadn't expected being so turned on that I wanted to suck on his cock either! She laughed and said how she just really didn't want to stop sucking it and give it up to me either. Ideally in cycling energy we would have a shared experience between her and me of sharing his cock together. then everyone is fed. If i suck his cock again, that's how it will be I think.

I also brought up them having sexual intercourse. Told them I was glad it stopped quick and didn't go far, but that I was glad it happened. I want them to do that, but for me I want him to wear a condom if their genitals are touching. I said again that I wanted to share her and have her fuck him and then me and then him and then me, back and forth, so as to all be included.

We all cuddled. I told them that there was no where else that I wanted to be. I wanted to be right there and spend all day loving in this yummy honey pot with them both.

We talked about our favorite moments too. She shared that she REALLY enjoyed sucking on him while I was inside her, and she said that she REALLY wanted to do that again. A few minutes later she climbed on top of me and leaned over and kissed him. I love that she felt so comfortable as to take the initiative! I put my head on his chest while she blessed his cock with her loving mouth and tongue and lips while she thrust her hips down on mine. I was a bit soft, and it seemed better to take her from behind, so I did.

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