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My boyfriend's wife and I initially started out by waving to each other from the car or a quick hi, how are you over the phone when I called. This lasted about four months and then we had our first real e-mail conversation. She's a huge introvert and even when Runic Wolf and I would go over to their house to socialize, she would hide out in her office with the door open and comment occasionally. Eventually, she opened up to the idea of dating us, but her time and energy couldn't allow any of us the relationship we deserved, so we called it off. We still try to chat with her occasionally over facebook or e-mail, but she rarely responds; though she wants to be friends. . . . she asks Wendigo after us and we ask him after her, we wave in the driveway and occasionally will get a quick hug. But that is how she does friendship. If we're lucky, in October, we'll be able to convince her to go out with us for Chinese to celebrate our birthdays (hers and mine) and Runic Wolf and my anniversary.

It was very hard for me to accept her withdrawl after she'd opened herself up to us, but in the end, she pushed herself too far outside her comfort zone, and withdrew even further than she had been before we met. I know that she is completely fine with however Wendigo and my relationship progresses and I trust that she'll tell me if anything changes, albiet through him most likely, but I will know. Until then, I ask him to give her hugs from me on occasion and leave comments on her facebook page. She even liked one of them last week.

Good luck!
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