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Well, answering Miss Indie first: No one is talking about having the baby while doing my exams. Exams first, baby later. Shortly afterwards yes, but no exams during the time planned when the baby will be there. The only thing still on the table when the baby could possibly be with us is the final paper I need to write. And that is homework. So yes, I think it would be possible. I won't have to put off my exams, except for the possibility that the pregnancy would go horribly wrong, me having to lay down all the time or something similar where I wouldn't be able to leave the house or staying in hospital all the time. Yes, I know, this is a possibility but I won't plan for the worst outcome right from the start.

The papers thing is not settled yet. I will know next week if it would be possible theoretically, in two to three weeks time if it would be possible practically. So we will see. Even though, it mainly means that I will have to structure the exams a bit differently than I had planned, meaning doing the preparatory work now, for all the nine exams and the exams in one row next semester. I wanted to split that up into half of the preparatory work now plus the respective first half of the exams and the other half of both in the next semester. Meaning, I will manage if I shuffle things around a bit. The only disadvantage of doing it all in one try thing is that I could end up with doing one, or if it goes really badly, two exams again, if I failed them. This would collide with the baby. In the worst case, this would have been possible when splitting things up as well.

In regard to the downer, don't worry Wildflowers, I am still unsure which decision would be best, therefore I am a bit insecure right now. I talked to my mother, one of the persons knowing me best and asked her for her experiences with the three pregnancies she underwent and what her estimation towards me and being pregnant would be. She said that in her case everything was great. She felt energetic, wasn't sick, was able to get her normal things done and work till month 8. I don't expect such an easy going pregnancy, but I don't expect the worst of all kinds either. She thought of my plan of having the baby now, being pregnant while doing the exams, having the baby shortly afterwards, the child being a bit older and more independent of me when I will do my internship, as the best way to proceed as well. Sward and Lin will be the ones looking after the child after the first half year I stayed home.

Yeah, tough decision, indeed *scratches head* Some discussion will follow this again, I am sure of that. ^.^
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