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Hanging out with a guy from OKC tomorrow (/later today)! Turns out he lives really close... Like across the street close. Odd how things work out... Anyway, yeah. Keith told me today that I need to either look for another relationship or be sluttier. Apparently my outgoing-ness helps encourage him to be outgoing. Proving once again that my over-thinking is unnecessary. We've joined a few meetup groups both together and separately to try to find platonic friends, as well.

In other news... I'm thinking about getting a tattoo for my birthday. The thing that normally stops me when I get in the mindset of wanting one is money, but since Keith would spend money on me anyway.... I can't decide if I want the flower on my back or the heart on my chest. Or the sword and/or script on my leg. Eventually I would like to have them all, but which one first? It has to be the one that I want the most since I may hate the process and decide to never get the other two. I have a month and half-ish to make my decision and find an artist.
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