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Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
24> : flaky, confused, dramatic, and frankly unsure of what is it is that they are actually looking for.

25< : Significantly less bullshit (normally), clear boundaries and expectations, both of which are clearly defined as "hardline" or "open to negotiation".

I have no idea why that particular chronological spot seems to make the difference, but in my experience its a consistently observable phenomenon.
Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
25 and under --- attention-whore; that includes, nagging, flaking, cockteasing, shit tests, etc.

25-28 --- gold-digging;

28-40 --- biological-clock bridezilla;
So according to you two, I am flaky, confused, dramatic, all around unsure, attention-whore, nagger, and a cockteaser. At least. Possibly more terrible attributes could be assigned to me just because I fall in the "under 25" category. I am sooooo glad you shared this information with me! I thought I was a reliable person, as anti-drama as feasible - I may give you unsure, I am still exploring my options and discovering what life has to offer - supportive, straightforward person. My bad. I can't be any of that until I hit menopause. And after raising the children that I am 98% certain I won't/can't have.

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