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This is exactly my experience dating women as a single man. It feels like women are incapable of making consistent, communicable decisions on their own.

And, it also feels like everyone is interchangeable insofar as what matters to women is what you do for them, rather than who you are.

Lastly, it seems impossible for them to say 'no'. 'No' to a woman is her voicemail. It`s always silent, passive-aggressive, No. Usually, immediately after she, unprovoked, has led you to believe it was a 'yes.'

My wettest dream is to sit down with a woman, without having to compete with 1001 distractions, with TIME, and comfort, and be able to actually have an honest conversation with one. But, I think they feel giving you their undivided attention and time, as well as access to their feelings is something you only do if you`re married.

Flippety-flop flop. O.C.D.


I`ve just had sex with a girl last week, and on the same day she invited me to her home (we went to a motel). Does she pick up the phone when it was time to meet? No.

Then, she calls me and claims to have missed me terribly, and calls me by all manner of endearing lovey-dovey names, and we arrange to meet tonight. Does she pick up the phone? No. Does she return my call? No.

And this is someone I`ve already fucked, whom I communicated no intention to date other than a one night thing (though, it would be nice. One can dream). She was the one who started the whole taking-it-further, angle. And, she acts diametrically opposite to what she communicates.

I would have been happy leaving it at the motel. Now, that she planted expectations in my head, here I am losing sleep in anger. Which, I can only imagine is what she was after. How else could one explain her motivation in expending her own energy and time into leading me on without the slightest provocation on my part.

I don`t know whether the fact that this is not the first, or second, or third time it happened makes it easier or harder to deal with it. It really makes one lose heart.

All the flakiness disappears magically by two means, however: paying, or marrying. Which, to me amounts to the same.
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