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I believe in myth, I believe in belief, I believe in mystery, I believe in the mystery. I think 'witchcraft' is one way of saying all those things.

I believe in what I can see (oddly, I believe in a lot that I can't as well, but I try not to discuss it, because that sort of thing gets people locked up). What I see is 'do what thou will shall be the whole of the law'. <- that does not describe, or speak in any way to, consequences. And I believe there are consequences to behaviours. But I don't believe we get to immediately know or see all the consequences, therefore: 'do what thou wilt' is all there is to accurately describe human beings.

I believe that recognizing we live in tandem with the earth is a good thing, and I think lots of stuff that is ritual ascribed to 'witchcraft' was born out people recognizing and celebrating their symbiosis with the earth.
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