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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I almost went into it more but decided to just give my one-sentence answer because it's been said a gazillion times already, by so many of us, to all the hordes of unicorn hunters that come here and have the same complaint.
I figure I have another year or so before I get burnt out on giving the same advice to people

It makes me wonder if a few more stickies should be at the top of the forums, one specifically for unicorn hunters at the least. Often people don't seem to do searches or read "links to other threads worth reading" before they post, partly because they think their situations are unique. (Nothing personal LC209)

Maybe a giant UNICORN sticky at the top of the page would help catch some of that, even the people who don't know what unicorns are should have their curiosity piqued by the title. I know I've seen a lot of amazing advice and opinions given on the subject here that would benefit people in that situation. Like I love Tonberry's diagram, that'd be the perfect sort of thing to have on it!
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