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Who, me? Unfortunately, not in the context of those men being involved romantically with each other.

I love men: Butch men, femmes, androgynous men, body builders, heroin chic bois, etc. I've noticed there's more of a movement with women being attracted to gay men and men who love men, and I shiver to think some guy would think I'm a drab weeaboo.

I'm attracted to men who love men because I worry about the ebbs and flows in my own sex drive and the unfortunate competitive nature of women in our monogamy oriented society - I feel like queer men might be a little more understanding and have more of an outlet without having that unpleasant sense of "competition" I've had with women. Of course, some, if not most, poly women are wonderful, generous people, but for some reason, those aren't the women I end up associating with - I'm sure I need to reconsider what I'm doing wrong.
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