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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I don't think anybody mentioned this specifically yet, which surprised me, as I often see it mentioned on threads about adding another partner to an existing couple.

"we decided we want to share our relationship with another woman"
I almost went into it more but decided to just give my one-sentence answer because it's been said a gazillion times already, by so many of us, to all the hordes of unicorn hunters that come here and have the same complaint.

Every unicorn-hunting couple thinks they have exactly what a unicorn wants, that they are being so very ethical and respectful, because they've got something amazing to offer the perfect bi woman who will share in the beauty of their love, the sublime package deal, and yet none of them can figure out why they just get the users and flakes and people only after sex.

We this, we that, our dream, our fantasy, join us, complete us... bleh! Who else here is as tired as I am of repeating the advice to date separately? Who else here is as exhausted as I am by explaining the difference between three individuals in a relationship and a "Couple Plus One"? Anyone else feel like going over the whole, "there are four relationships in a triad" mantra again? For the eight-thousandth time? Don't unicorn hunters know how to do a forum search?
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