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Unicorn hunters are never "exotic" in an of themselves. To be exotic implies different and unusual, and there seem to be many many unicorn hunters out there.

I can only imagine how daunting it must be to meet a couple and get a "take us both or nothing" vibe, no matter how nice the couple is. I'm not surprised that the ones who don't run a mile after seeing that are the ones just looking for sex.

I firmly agree with what others have posted - you really need to develop each relationship separately - she's not expected to fall in love with BOTH of you, but EACH of you, and you can't force that or mold it into being the exact thing you want.

Now, I'm not saying that what you are looking for is wrong - heavens no. But the stipulations of what you are seeking narrows the possibilities down tremendously. If you want to be more successful, then you should probably consider relaxing some of the requirements, if you can, or be prepared for a very long wait.

Are you involved with any local poly groups? Meeting folks face-to-face in a social setting where you can make friends creates a much more low-pressure environment where folks can get to know you, rather than being automatically in "date" mode.

I wish you luck.

PS Wow, Tonberry posted at the same time I did - THAT is explained so very well and I love the sketch!

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