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Default The Second Threesome

Last night we all got to hang out together with a couple new friends and a bunch of performers from the show. We all had a few drinks and had a great time talking about life and our experiences. There's nothing like good friends, drink, and laughter to make a person feel relaxed and good inside and out.

Now, we live on a yacht. Everywhere we go we have waterfront property. Riding back to our boat, we didn't know whether to drop our new playmate off at his place or take him home with us, so we just turned the motor off and drifted. Then it just seemed to drift us kind of towards our boat, so we paddled over and climbed aboard amidst ripples of laughter and joy.

We chatted like birds on a wire. She cuddled up next to him in the cockpit, happy to be home and to able to touch him. I brought out pictures on the iPad to show him of our old house and performances that my wife has done. I made up the big bed and guided us all below when it felt right.

Kissing led to a clothes explosion, and we covered every inch of that huge bed. They started touching each others special places. I would reach over and put my hand on his shoulder or neck or arm or back of the head to connect with him, but he never touched me. That was okay. I just wanted to include him in my experience and not have it just be both of us having her and neither of us ever touching each other directly.

She kissed his mouth and his chest and went down to his cock, kissing it lightly and all over. Started to lick and taste and explore with her tongue. It was so hot. I stroked myself behind her and slid into her doggy style. She just about exploded with pleasure at having his cock in her mouth and mine in her pussy, me fucking her lovingly from behind while she showered love on his cock with her mouth. He lay back and silently took it all in while I groaned away and she moaned in delight and pleasure. I wouldn't let myself come though. I wanted to hold off and last long.

so I laid down next to him and watched her enjoy his cock, smiling at her and loving it. I stroked his balls and grabbed his cock with my hand while she was going down on him. I pulled it out of her mouth and dove on it with my own. It was so smooth and hard and soft and wet all at the same time. I've had a dildo in my mouth just for fun, but this was so much more real and alive, and it pulsated with energy. I gave it back to her to suck on, knowing that maybe I shouldn't have done that, but what the heck. we are all in this together, and why the hell NOT?! I mean she was getting so much pleasure out of it that it made me want to try it, even if just for a moment.

She went up to kiss him while on all fours half over him, and I urged her leg up and over so that she would straddle him and could touch her pussy to his cock. She followed my guidance and rubbed him and then put him inside of her and danced her beautiful dance for a little while, giving him full view of her breasts and belly. A little later she was leaning down kissing him. I was masturbating on the sidelines as usual and I was behind her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her back wanting to fuck her myself for a little while. I was feeling outside looking in and I wanted to participate. I wanted her to ride him for a minute and then ride me for a minute, but I didn't say it with words. When I pulled her back and tried to put myself into her, she couldn't take it and overloaded and had to stop the whole thing. That was fine, because I honor her experience. We ALL have to be ACTIVELY interested every moment, or else it's not going to work right. I told them both while we were laying there before going to sleep just shortly afterwards so it was no big deal and wouldn't bother me all night.

But I still wanted to have an orgasm, and I thought for sure that he wanted the same too. How could he not? blue balls, hello?!... After she said to us sexily, "if there is anything else you would like me to do for you or to you tonight, just let me know" I later said that I wanted us all to masturbate together to climax. To that she replied that "it's 4:00 in the morning" and she didn't want to. I felt a bit of resentment really wanting to come and she had just offered to do anything that we wanted still, but I knew that she was tired, and honestly it's just the 2nd time we've done this all. I could bring it up tomorrow, and I was so tired and couldn't keep an erection anyway.
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