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I hate to say it but unicorns are a dime a dozen. There is nothing exotic about it at all I don't think. The notion of finding a woman to share is really scary for those you pursue from what I have known. They like the idea at first but end up feeling like a third wheel. The triads I have known to work have worked because they aren't trying to find their woman. It happens naturally and out of friendship first. I would agree with NYCindie. Date separately and find friendships first. If you are fortunate to find someone I would be careful not to have expectations that they love both of you and if they do, I wouldn't be expecting them to love you both evenly.

Have you looked the numerous threads here on this topic? Try doing a search in the tags for "unicorns" "unicorn" "triads" etc. You will soon see that you are not alone and maybe get some different strategies that will help you find ways to get through this.
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