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What an awesome holiday. Nothing but go go go. Of course! That's how I roll! I did sit by the pool for a couple of hours though. I had a great time, but missed my diverse life. I am so much more appreciative of all I have. I appreciated the time away too. Nothing like some space to gain perspective.

It looks like my ex is staying put for now as she loves her life there. She is finished school this year and is planning on looking for a job there. It was great to spend a huge chunk of time with her. We got along great. She took me to some places that she knew because she lives near there so I got to see some of local life. I prefer that. It made me realize how openly diverse my life is. I got a chance to see what it feels like to be an odd duck in the world more than I do here.

Onward to working on the show this weekend and catching up with my loves. I spent the afternoon with Mono, PN and LB yesterday. I showed them all the pictures and gave them their presents. Today I'm off to see Derby and check in with her. I plan to see my new friend some time to see about creating some space between us. I think I am prefering to leave him to do the work he needs to do with his gf. It seems I might be making it worse by being in his life. Some time away might help.
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