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Default Many questions

Hi, I am new to the site as well as this lifestyle. My question, concerns are: how do I make sure my husband knows he is absolutely #1 in my life no matter what? I love him now more than ever, and I feel like my life is so much more complete with the addition of my 'friend'. It upsets me that they don't know each other, I feel like our life would be so much more enriched to be able to spend time with both of them together (not in a sexual way, I could never be with both of them at the same time). They are both so different, and that's what I need to balance my life. I'm sorry this is all over the place, but I have so many things to say and am looking for how everyone else handles this, if theyve had the same situation.
We are friends with an amazing group of people who are swingers and have open marriages, but I'm just looking for an out side opinion and an outsider to talk to....
Hope this makes sense
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