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Originally Posted by Mudita View Post
Not quite the same thing but close.

And it can be cultivated

These guys have been at it for 2500 years, it' just not been part of our inherited European culture.

Not saying it's the only way or the right way, just a way.
Er, speak for YOUR "inherited European culture."

Compersion is and always was very strong in Celtic and Scandinavian cultures, and in indigenous Finno-Ugrian ones. Sounds like your mileage has varied...or you're out of touch with your culture...but kindly refrain from laying such globalized generalizations on all of us.

In the roots I arose from, polyfidelity is the norm, and it was only a very specific sort of urban/agricultural religious neurotic that tried to move this miracle of human love into the abstract realm, then remove it from the earth altogether.
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