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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
It really struck out in the initial post how many "we this" "we that" statements there are. I do strongly urge you to think about if you're coming off as either co-dependent, or giving off a vibe that just screams "we come first!". I'd date both people in a couple if I was interested in both of them, but I'd never date a "we".
I just have to second that. I stumbled over this threat and while reading it the we-red-light went on big time. Searching for a woman who would love to receive from and give love to a couple ... I would run. Give love to each of you, yes, build a relationship with each of you, double yes. But this we + her is just scary and seems to be a dead end, not worth trying to invest in anything as the outcome seems to be so clear.

Still wishing you luck, maybe the impression was just wrong. But maybe that is the impression the others got as well.
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