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no, silly, old for the subject matter. Have you heard it? Seen the movie? I saw the original touring cast performance. The company was sued in my state for indecent exposure or obscenity or something. It was so very radical at the time. What makes me sad is that it is STILL radical, for crying out loud. We're still watching the long long armies drifting home, only now it's fucking normal.

I saw a production of Hair a few years ago, and it was slightly traumatic. It was a bunch of kids who had no idea of the meaning of the show. It was CAMPy. People look at now as something to re-do with camp; instead of a wake-up call. I'm certain it woke a lot of people up. Not everyone. I was eight or nine, there wasn't much I could DO.

Sorry, this is a nice little thread, it wasn't my intention to go all maudlin.

The black boys/white boys are so sexy song(s) is perfect for camp, and fun.
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