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I truly do understand what you are saying and how you feel...I have been in a triad relationship on april1st for 1 yr now...and I must say it has been the hardest yr of my life. I met the man who shares my home with his wife 6yrs friends first ten we crossed that line..I found out he was married about 1 1/2 yrs into our relationship and of course was heart broken but still deeply in love with make this story a bit shorter I was the one who suggested we all move in together...she had many many bouts with jeliousy and they had many fights and arguments about he treats me better...I tried to explain to him... then he to her.. that when you have children,you love them all just not the exact same way...and the reason for this is becouse each one is differant so there for you love them differant...I dont know if this ever made a differance or not for her and i do know and i do feel she really doesnt care for me mostly because she believes i took her husband away from her...which I didnt...for if that was true i would never have suggest we all live together...a small small part of alot of issues in this relationship...and as far as sex...WOW...I am very sexual...but once we all lived together that went way down hill between us...I am guessing this to be because of all the tension and stress...he used to be my best friend...and i feel as if that part has been buried underneath a pile of troubles...we tried all sleeping in the same bed,but that didnt last very long...she didnt like the fact that he touched me...or maybe i should say she just didnt want to be in the same bed if this has put a strain on how i feel towards him in ways i dont even think i can explain...just that my heart and head seem to be miles apart alot of times...i do like being in a relationship like this just without all the jeliousy and stress that has been brought in our not really sure how all this will play out... i think i am just waiting for the bottom to fall out and see where i will end up...but i just needed to let you know i really do know how you feel about play time...i miss that part just about as much as i miss my best friend...and the worst part about it all is that i dont believe i could ever say that to one time i could just not anymore. so that leaves me thinking i need to really sit myself down and decide what to do. have a great day!
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