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Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
Hate to break if to you two, your both.

To some your only a novelty. And those are the fuck-n-flingers, you'll know them easily enough 'cause after they've had a ride they dissapear.

To some your exotic; they'll ask questions, they mght not get into the situation but they will giggle while they try an measure how things operate.

It's not a question of how you want to be Precived, it's a matter of how the individual choose to presieve you both.
We know Alleycat. That's pretty much how the world is. We like to see ourselves as Unique or Exotic but we know other people are the ones who will see us differently. And believe you us, we can definitely spot the fuck-n-flingers types. We know who we are and if all we encounter are the novelty women then that's not our fault. That's not even the question, we know the individual is the one who perceives us and if they perceive us as a novelty then they are not the ones for us, clearly.

<3 Alex & Amber
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