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Being a part of a community -- or shall we (better!) say The Community -- should never mean giving up your own self and dissolving into something foreign and strange.

I say "The Community" because we're all members of a singular Community, EarthLife. We all dwell in this one round (and thin!) biosphere. There's nothing at all "out there" or weird about that -- it's a simple fact: we share the same air. We're all part of the dynamic interconnected flows and patterns of chemistry, energy, information flows, etc.... -- But, of course, we aren't all quite "awake" to this Community. Our identities are usually smaller than we are.

Just be yourself, man, and be willing to be affected by others -- their ideas and experiences, etc..., their perceptions and beliefs.... Keep your own ever-moving center by dancing with life. You are not in danger of being swallowed up into the Borg ... unless that's what you really want.
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