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Default Family and social pressure

I feel much better after leaving my parents place, where I was visiting for Easter. My parents more or less know I was with T while he was still married; I think they suspect I was "having an emotional affair" with T. That's why they're so against me being with T; they see my decisions as being morally questionable and are also afraid I'm biting off more they I can chew by being with a man who's in the middle of a divorce and worse yet, custody dispute.

Telling them the truth, ie that R and T and I were in a poly relationship together while R and T were still married is not likely to put our relationship in a better view in their eyes, so I haven't told them that as of yet. Perhaps one day I will have to but I honestly believe they don't really want to know that many of the details.

Anyway, I've slowly come to realize that sadly, every time I spend an extended period of time with my family I get kinda grumpy and sad because they're actively ignoring and discouraging such a huge part of my life right now; my relationship with T. My parents have actually told me he isn't welcome in their house because they're not comfortable with this relationship. So, needless to say, holidays are really difficult. T and I usually celebrate a bit with each other and then leave to go to our family events separately, since neither his family nor mine want us around.

So when I say we've got bridges to build and relationships to heal, that's what I mean. We have sooo much work to do in order to try and re-build or social supports. It can be overwhelming at times.

Like I said, way more discrimination in this failed poly relationship than i've ever faced in a Lesbian relationship!
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