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Hate to wear the harsh hat; but get used to it.
The flake-outs, the rejections, the occasional wasted times, the DTF-but-thats-it types, etc. All of it.
Failed startups to any relationship poly or otherwise are the norm, doubly so if relying on the internet to meet someone worthwhile, and doubly so on top of that if you are unicorn hunting.

I'll agree the process can seem like an endless cycle of more and more dissapointing horseshit, but it does occasionally pay off.

In my experience the one thing that can easily scare off potential partners is overeagerness, or rather obvious overeagerness. Which is to say if you do meet someone that has the potential to meet all your requirements and wants, keep in mind they may not be so sure that the two of you are exactly the situation they want to be involved with. Happens to everyone, it's nothing wrong with either of you, it's just getting someone over the ingrained default of monogamy is a difficult hurdle.

So cheers to the both of you and good luck.
Relax and thing will get easyer, and remember that one never finds a unicorn by hunting them, one finds a unicorn by accident normally
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