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Yes it makes it less painful. We all make mistakes and if someone went out of their way to make me miserable / hurt me, then the hurt would be worse. In fact if either one of them went out of their way to do that , i would have o re-think everything ...

Bunny, it just has always been my choice to do things that way. The face that i work many hours, do school work and have other things to take care of, if i did not put them first then i would see them less and less. I have to make them and another person i have been with a priority or they fall to the way side.

It is working to an extent, until this weekend issue that we had and i hope it to work in the future as well. I just need to know that i am their number one also.

Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
I understand that it's your choice, but why? Is it working out as an effective strategy? If you put yourself first how do you think that would change things.

It doesn't matter what was known before getting together. All that matters is if everyone is happy, and if not it needs to be renegotiated.

If you know they don't mean to hurt you does that make it less painful?
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