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Default Strange

Hi NT, Strange I havent checked the board in a while and did today and saw your nice note. TY so much.

The pain hasnt gone away and peace has not yet come, although I'm at the 30 day mark. i feel altered in some deeper way than a usual breakup. I'm trying really hard to get to acceptance.

He did contact me last week 3 weeks since the breakup. By email. It was to let me know he was still in pain and thought he might have to live with always being in pain, and he hoped I was doing ok. I said it was the same for me and wished him the best.

Are you on the same page with your loves? I hope you are coming into something that they've figured out between themselves already. I personally could never be a secondary again. Only a co primary. But I had to learn that the hard way.


Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
Your story made me cry.

I'm a Mono Secondary too (And I too, hate that word).
My greatest fear is that one day your story will be my own.

Hugs to you. Hope you find peace sooner than later.
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