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Things are happening slowly and surely. I have spoken to both of my men about the possibility of this changing. So far there are some good signs that he is very interested in me. He will be meeting both of my men this week (on separate days). He is excited to meet my family.

I spoke with my beau about his feelings here. He is feeling a little insecure but wants me to continue with this possibility. I definitely want to keep him and my husband in mind as I act (or not act). So I am moving very slowly. I love them and I want them to have the time they need to adjust to a possible newcomer.

Now I just need to talk with my friend about the possibility. Probably on Thu, after he has met my family, as we have a hangout scheduled then. It is going to be a very important point to talk at great length about poly and what that is like. I want to know that he can be happy in a relationship like that (as long has he agrees to having interest in me, which I am pretty sure he does).

All in all, I am going for it, but very cautiously. I appreciate all of the support you guys have been giving me
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