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Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
You rank their needs higher than your own. Why? Is this creating resentment? Is this the philosophy they take? When they do something that hurts you what do you think the motivation behind that is? Ignorance, laziness, spitefulness? Is it a personal problem or a lack of love, caring, or is it just hatefulness?
I have always had the belief that when you are with someone their needs come before mine. This is my choice and my choice alone. They have never asked me to rank them higher than myself nor would they.

I do not believe for a second that either one of them would hurt me out of spite, they are not that type. They are both loving, caring and forgiving men. I can chalk up part of the taking care of the daily chores to possible laziness (for the one partner) and or not having enough time, at times. But as i have said, if there is a time crunch please share and i will do what i can the next time i am there to help out!

I would never say that anything is done out of hatefulness either, they have both made changes to their world to accommodate me the best that they can. I will admit that i do have high standards, but those were shared when i this all started.
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