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He and I never discussed his other relationships in detail. His main contention that I was able to get was what he wanted from me specifically was a full time D/s relationship. Not just in the bedroom but complete submission. The fact that I am married and a mother completely rule me out from this. He knew I was married, he knew I had kids, he knew I was poly. So why he would imagine this as a viable option for us to explore I have no idea but according to him this was the only way he wanted a full relationship with me. I've come to realize it doesn't really make any sense and I don't think he had all his ducks in a row if you will and simply just had no idea what he really wanted from me and it was easier to say I didn't fit the mold of what he wanted. He HAS to be in control that is just him so I feel this was just a way for him to end things on his terms. I really don't even know what to expect next. In general I feel like what I am hoping for is insane because if someone who says they are poly and who seemed to have their act together as much as he did couldn't keep it all straight and be open minded ... Man I feel like I am looking for the impossible. I know it is just one relationship but this isn't the first time I have got to the point where they fell for me but then decided they couldn't share. /sigh
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