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Originally Posted by JonnyAce View Post
IMHO, i think that the time/space that you need is slightly more important than figuring out how much time to spend w/him. it's up to both of you to discuss your trust issues, and hopefully you can come to a conclusion that is beneficial to you both. without trust you can't have a solid relationship, no matter how much time you spend with him.

i could be wrong, and i have the strong sense i'm going to get flamed for this, but it's just how i feel.
I agree with Jonny here. The trust will come with time and lots of communication. I would air on the side of "balancing" it all out rather than having space/time. I think a little push every now and then in either direction is healthy in order to learn about oneself. Nothing like trying to balance to naturally make that occur. Everyone is different and it sounds like you are aware of your limits. It sounds like you are on a good track.
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