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I can not say if i am a priority or not to them, i feel as if i am because if i was not they would not spend the time with me to try and fix our issue that we are having. It could be just as easy for them to wipe there hands cleaned and say i am done and move on with their lives..... I am a creature of consistency and it bothers me when i do not get it....

By the way.... if one of the partners would have came and said hey i can't do XYZ cause of this i am always open to suggestions.
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Unfortunately, for some of us, this the fact that there is "no reason" that we shouldn't be able to keep a clean house never ever translates into a clean house. We are lazy slobs when it comes to housework. I was hoping that moving into a smaller, easier to clean house and getting rid of roughly half of our stuff would magically make us neater people...nope. Adding a third person, who has practically NO stuff, and is home all day...nope.

Apparently NOT ONE of us is capable of making cleaning any sort of priority

This may be one of those "Love Languages" situations (many people on this site have read the book and gained insight from it). Your "love language" may be "acts of service" - if theirs is not then they might not see that by not making the cleaning tasks that you have asked for a priority then it may seem to you that they are not making YOU a priority.

3 weeks ago I specifically asked MrS to clean the bathroom and Dude to clean the kitchen. I wrote it on a whiteboard and propped it between their desks. Whiteboard still there. Bath and kitchen still not cleaned. Oh well, it was worth a try.


PS. MY excuse? I work 70 hours a week outside of the house...lame, I know
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