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Default the first check in

The next day I checked in with him about our first sexperience together. We cleared the air and talked about anything and everything. My wife and I had already gotten to check in together about it all, but he just has his cat to talk to, and besides I needed to talk with him about it. I told him that we want it to happen again, we liked it, it was sweet. I told him that for now my wife and I decided that we are a package deal, and if anything happens below the belt, I have to be there with both of them. Itís okay if you two are kissy and affectionate and hot without me, but the pants stay on. I asked him if he was okay with me being there or not. Did he like me being there? Is he interested in anything more in the future? Did he feel comfortable with us and how it all went. Any concerns? crossed boundaries? favorite moments?

My wife and I both really liked it when I was going down on her while she was kissing him and rubbing his cock with her hands. We also really liked it when she had his cock in one hand and mine in the other while she was kissing him or me and the other was sucking her nipple and rubbing her pussy. HOT HOT HOT!!!

Everything was clear and understood, and we were on the same page with the same basic sense of openness and amazement.
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