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Vin: He has told me that he is very happy in our marriage, that he loves me very much, and that my weight does not affect the love and desire he feels for me and has all these years. We had some hard times a few years ago when he, like a lot of other people we knew, was unemployed for a long time. It was hard on him as his family gave him a lot of crap and made him feel like he was letting me and the kids down. He has said that those times made him love me more because I stood by him when a lot of other women would have left.

We are quite close and still regularly have sex when other couples we know aren't or hardly ever.
Then I'd remember, when considering how happy and ready you are to take this step, that he IS happy right now as things are. Wanting him to be happy is great, but remember that you being happy is also a key ingredient in things. Don't find yourself trading your own happiness in to make someone who already is happy more indulged.
Find ways to appreciate yourself and spend time working on you in ways that make you feel good. You have a husband and three kids. Part of giving them your all to ensure their happiness is to be happy yourself. This is what you should work on first rather than working on being okay with the big change your husband is asking for.
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