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Originally Posted by metallicagurl84 View Post
And how can anyone shoot down polyamory when Mormons have been practicing polygamy as a strong part of their culture for how long?! Polyamory is not a bad way of life or stupidity... *ugh* I'm sorry, when I get into a rant, I forget we're are on the same page...
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I'm sorry I have to address this part I italicized. Mormons have not practiced Polygamy for over 100 years. Fundamentalist Mormons (who have been cut off completely from the main stream Mormon church and if they ever were a part of the main stream Mormon church are excommunicated on associating with the Fundamentalist Mormon church) practice Polygamy. And they do so in a mostly manipulative, dangerous, conniving way that I would in no way want to be associated with, even casually (though unfortunately we all will be automatically as society lumps all polyamorists together).

I was raised Mormon and while I am no longer Mormon and I have plenty of issues with the Mormon church I am a firm believer in sharing truth, not lies. There are plenty of things to judge the Mormon church on without judging them based on a splinter sect that they do not associate with. That would be like judging Catholics based on Protestant sects (because the Protestants splintered from the Catholics originally) it just does not make sense.
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