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please stop swearing at me, it does not solve anything, nor does it make me want to listen. So, continuing on, I have not ever asked her to face the guy/couple alone. I've told her this entire time I would be there if she wanted.

That said, I have dropped the issue with her. I may still talk to them, as I feel they need to be called out on it. If they don't know they did anything wrong they will continue to have the same problems with other people.

nycindie, I understand what you mean, but words are interpretable. My mind interprets things different than yours does, so please don't be mad at me for that. If you still cannot see how I inteepreted it that way, look up simantics.

thank you all for your information and suggestions, I sincerely apreciate them. And they have been taken to heart. But may I please ask if you have any comments to make, please don't swear or be rude with me. It doesn't help, and just makes me feel bad about myself. And that's not why i'm here.

This site (for me at least) is about talking to people who understand, and although sometimes they may not say what you want to hear (like most of this bolg for me). It help us grow. Please understand you can disagree without being disagreeable.
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