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Well. Had a lovely visit with First BF this weekend. I think he's one of those people for whom the 'L' word is very serious, so I've held it back. But I gotta tell y'all, I love that boy. *sigh*

As to Current BF, I found out, a day after our lovely conversation (might have been two days), that he signed a new lease. WTF? I felt like we were in the middle of a discussion. It just confirmed that I am absolutely right, he's not even close to ready for partnership.

So I don't see that I included this part of the conversation. Sometime before last weekend, Current BF and I went to dinner, at a faraway place. It used to be our favorite, local, hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. We became friendly with the owners. They moved to much more upscale community, a good drive away from where we are. So we had lots of time to talk. I have no idea how we got on the subject, but we started talking about our fantasy wedding (we've had this discussion often over the years, it's harmless fantasy). But he took a moment, and got serious, and took my hand, and said 'I will marry you.' Which freaked me out more than a little. In all the discussion, I finally said 'What about First BF?' and he said, oh he'll be there. (at the wedding). And things like that make me wonder what the hell I'm doing and what planet he lives on.

So, I related that story to First BF today. He didn't even think on it, and said, 'If you marry him I will stop sleeping with you.' Which I find as strange as Current BF's comments. I had all kinds of thoughts and feelings about it; I wanted to be defensive, and even more, I wanted to ask him why. But I decided it needed to rest, a LOT, and I would let it come 'round on the guitar later. [and I thought I'd talk about it here]

First BF has indicated to me in the past his discomfort at Current BF's treatment of me. I hope that's the sentiment behind the statement. I know that First BF doesn't believe in religion and it's not that. So, that's a lot why I wanted to ask him, because I just can't figure out what the difference would be. It makes me wonder if he's with me to show me an alternative and to 'steer' me away from Current BF (while never admitting to it, he wouldn't).

bah. Sunday nights are not my best.

Fun stuff. First BF and I went thrifting and I got cool stuff, including a lovely shirt to wear with my corset for my pirate regalia. (okay, it's more like peasant wear, but regalia sounds better). We found a street taco stand that was unbelievable yummy. He hooked up my electronica, so I can now have lovely stereo sound with my tv, I can watch DVDs, I can listen to NPR in the HOUSE! yay!

Yummy hot sexy time, and considering we don't sleep too well together, we slept pretty well. I never feel good when I wake up, so I'm accustomed to it, but sleeping with another is a little more challenging. I thought I would die of heatstroke for one.

I had cleaned so much, and I'm really happy I did. It needed to be done, and it left me free to not worry about it while he was here. We also messed it up pretty good!
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