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Sadly we do not all live together and that is not something i would ask of them to do. I the two that live together want to do that fine, but i see no need in that. The home i am moving from is 3,400 Sq feet and their home is about 1300 Sq feet. If i can do all of this and keep my home clean, there is no reason they can not.

We do have meetings as needed and there is also the rule if you are unable to speak your feelings, send an email, post on here, or send a text message just so everyone knows where we stand.
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How about asking everyone to chip in to hire a cleaning person, so you are not the maid? And then speak up when you're feeling dissed. The more you allow it and sweep it aside, the more they will think everything's fine and acceptable to you. Another thing might be to have regular "house meetings" for all three of you to air this kind of stuff - perhaps every few weeks, or at least once a month? Don't let it fester.
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