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Default Advice about talking to Children

My wife and I have recently had our trinogamous partner move in with us. This means the 3 of us tend to want to sleep in the same bed, however we have a 6 year old and a 10 year old who often want to either climb in bed with us (it's big enough) if they have bad dreams, or they want to come in in the morning and wake us up. We definitely don't want to kick our partner out of bed at night, we want her to be an equal part of our lives, we also don't like hiding things from our kids (we are very honest parents, we don't believe in lying to our kids). So the question we have is how have others approached this with their kids and talked about it? Mainly this is something we want to discuss with our 10 year old because he is old enough to see that she is more than "a friend" to both of us. We would like to talk to him but wonder at what level we should explain it. Do we talk about bisexuality with him? Is he old enough to take it that far?

I want him to understand that she isn't MY girlfriend, she is more than that for both of us. We want to do this in a respectful way,
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