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"As for time, I have plenty. Most nights I just sit around on the computer. My husband is busy with his stuff, my kids are in bed and my beau is busy in his own life. One might think that hanging with some friends would be the cure, and that is what I set out to do...I just happened to find myself finding my friend completely attractive and awesome."

Hi Iris,

It sounds to me like you have the time and space, and your two guys are on the same page with you. So why not make a go of it? Do you want them all to meet, or do you have a green light simply based on them both trusting your taste in men and your character?

As long as your new guy friend will be able to handle you having two already established loving relationships and two children. I suppose if you just take it easy and enjoy the ride for all of its joys and dont rush anything, then you can "feel him out" and/or "test the waters" to see if both he and you can handle it. If done rightly, then you can always return to being friends and not lovers.
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