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Default Our first threesome

After that massage concluded, we hung out on the couch talking, full of nervous jitters and apprehension about the next part: licking Nutella off her nipples! Was it going to happen or not?! We didn't know. No one knew what anyone was going to think or feel or say or do! It was wide open uncharted territory for us all. We got the Nutella out. First She put a bit on her left nipple (the side of her on which I sat) for me to lick off. I dutifully and joyfully and nervously lowered my mouth to her beautiful breast and sampled the delicacy. How delicious! I mean why don't we do this by ourselves like ALL THE TIME?!! I licked her nipple long after it was all clean, and we both were thoroughly aroused. I may never know what our friend was thinking or feeling while he sat to her right waiting and watching. We still can't read him very well yet. Is he comfortable or uncomfortable? We have to ask to find out.

Well that was it. Time to leap. Jump or shut up! She put a fingertip into the Nutella and rolled it around her right nipple and then offered it to him. I haven't checked the newspapers, but I am pretty sure that time stopped right then. Would he freak out? Would he play?

He played! The deliciousness that ensued has expanded our concept of our capacity for pleasure. but wait, that was just the beginning. Imagine your world being rocked in the best most delicious way possible, and then imagine it just getting better and better and better. Many time we've had to catch our breath in almost disbelief of the blessing and ecstasy that we were experiencing.

He was sucking and licking and relishing her right nipple, and I descended again to her left nipple as she reclined between us in exquisite amazement and rippling pleasure. My cock was hard and hot and my heart rate was racing. The kissing of nipples led to kissing of lips, or maybe it was the other way around. I honestly cant remember. It's all one delicious Nutella blur now. Gotta write these things down the day that they happen!

Kissing lips and licking flicking tongues on mouths and breasts and nipples was beyond hot. It was like first time having great sex as a young adult hot. It was "I feel like i'm going to explode" hot. At one point while they were kissing and touching, he reached down and started caressing below the breasts, and she reached down and started touching below the belt. I lifted the bottom of her long shirt to find her not wearing panties, and I about had an orgasm on the spot! I kissed and loved her belly and legs and melted my mouth into the tender softness of her pussy. It was full and engorged and completely yummy. She smelled and tasted heavenly, and I slowly softly tenderly drank at her well. He started touching her pussy and she got into his pants and things got hot and heavy real quick.

Some time not so much later his pants were on the floor and so were mine. He made her come with his hand multiple times. At some point she erupted with a rising feeling of utter saturation, and we decided to stop. We had gone further than we had anticipated, and we were all , I think, happy to stop and not have things go too far. Once he left, my wife was still so thoroughly turned on. sleepy and exhausted, we were both so charged that we made love before we went to sleep.

The next morning we stopped by his place and said hello and brought up the previous night's romp. We wanted to make sure that we recognized what happened and didn't ignore or live in denial. Everything was good, thankfully. We had rocked his world, and it the honesty and openness had paid off. He didn't shy away.

That night he and i went to a happy hour with a bunch of friends. We can totally hang out and enjoy each others company and be friends without things being weird. Thank goodness we didn't do this with someone that we didn't both totally feel comfortable with. He's easy-going, he's genuine, and he' honest.
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