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Correct. We met about a year ago in a online video game of all things. We because friends pretty quickly and he spoke to me about being poly. I was struggling with coming to terms with my feeling and it was causing a fairly deep depression and rift between my husband and I. I never thoug my husband could understand how I felt. About 5 years ago I tried to convince him to share me not knowing it was called poly then and it ended poorly, being younger and much less educated. When I spoke to Matt about all this he encouraged me to open the lines of communication again and I did. Things with my hubby are fantastic and really have never been better. Matt and I spoke nearly daily and played the game together. We emailed, chatted and spoke via voice chat. We have exchanged a few pictures and had plans to perhaps meet over he summer this year with some of our other friends from the game. I tend to be a fairly good judge of character and I never felt lied to or deceived. This all just seems to out of character and abrupt.
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