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This was some advice he gave me when I confided in him my frustration that often I ended up in the friend zone with potential partners because of one reason or another.

- You're friend zoned because there are few men willing to share you with a husband. *While many talk a great deal about wanting unattached sex, or their comfort with you being married, most are not. *Men are notorious for wanting things to themselves. *The knowledge that they'll never have that, even if they only think they might want it in the distant future, is enough to keep you at a distance and prevent that desired/loved feeling you're looking for. *Even now, any relationship you get into, even if you're exceptionally careful, carries with it the risk that that man is looking for more than you've offered. *Be conscientious about this and maintain your communication with Jeremy, especially when it's hard or uncomfortable... the minute you let something slip, the easier it gets to let other things slip until eventually you're no longer poly, but just selfish and cheating on your husband

Only after he came out and exclaimed he felt this way did I even connect he might have been talking about himself.

Five hours later I got this ... "I've come to realize that I don't really want to share you. *The options that leaves me are limited."

Just was blindsided. I never expected him of all people to not accept my being poly.
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