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No you read it right. This is why I am so confused, stunned really. My husband Jeremy and my friend Matt. Matt was a friend who helped me with his experience of coming out to his wife as poly with advice and things to expect. We was a bit of a mentor to me while I was coming out. After about 6 months we started finding we cared for each other more than just friends and admitted we had desires to be with each other intimately.

I get that this is all him but really I don't get how it happen lol. He is poly, he has a wife, children, and other open poly relationships. How all of a sudden he is jealous of my husband and wants me to himself came about is just insane to me. I asked him if I said sure, fuck the hubby, fuck the kids, do I get him to myself, or do I still have to accept the wife,the kids and the other poly relationships. He never responded. I'm just so very confused and don't know how I could have felt I known him so well and all of a sudden be blindsided by something that seems to me to be completely insanely out of left field.
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