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Default I shave down under...

I have trimmed for several years and my girlfriend loved it. i then started shaving and have for a couple years. She was a little unsure and suprised at first and then fell in love with it. I love it too. It looks and feels sexy. I also know that pleasing my girlfriend is definately a must and makes a great experience to the sexiness. I haven't had a negative reaction from any girl because of their turn on of being taken care of. Oh by the way, I am a straight male. I am of maybe on the smaller to average in size but don't feel at all that its the reason why i shave. Its not really the size that matters, its's how you use it. As far as any other guys feeling insecure about maybe being seen in a locker room, I think probably other guys may or have themselves tried it at least once or at least others curious. Don't you think? A lot of guys I know have or do do it themselves. Most guys it doesn't come up in much conversation. I am so into it that I am going permanent with it with electrolysis. I've never considered going back. I like my body.
Hope you all feel the same way.....
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