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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
Most "mainstream" and monogamous people I've spoken with think of free-love hippies, with a touch of egotistical intellectualism--as in "We're smarter/more thoughtful/more communicative/more enlightened than you, so you could never be one of us."

I have met some poly people who are like that, and I often see some judgment cast on monogamous folk, as if they don't question their own choices, or have been oppressed somehow.

Just my impression.
Sounds like a prejudice of a sort. I was raised firmly on "don't judge others" & "to each is their own" as my fiance says.."don't knock it til you try it." Hahah
I don't care how self proclaimed perfect, how plastic, how intelligent, how ignorant someone is. It takes love, trust, honesty, communication, & balance for ANY relationship to be successful without misery.
And how can anyone shoot down polyamory when Mormons have been practicing polygamy as a strong part of their culture for how long?! Polyamory is not a bad way of life or stupidity... *ugh* I'm sorry, when I get into a rant, I forget we're are on the same page...
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