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Default Flowers and suits

We went shopping yesterday. Lin wanted to go, as next weekend will be the launch of new game we are going to look at because of some mechanics they implemented that we wanted to use as well. If we got sucked into it once, there won't be much we are going to do besides testing it. So, I went over to ask my mother if her car was free for some hours to use. Sward was gone working, again, and we wanted to get things done before he came back.

She was streaming in tears, as soon as I asked what she wanted to do that day. When I asked what had happened, just simply said “Nothing!” There isn't a thing my mother hates more than to wait for something. Still no message from the clinic, still more than a week till she will be able to undergo surgery, still so many things to do in advance because she thinks that nothing will be done and ready when the wedding is finally there. That day she wanted to fill the flower boxes infront of the windows for them to look nice when the guests would be there. IT was something that important that she came back to it three times during our short conversation.

After I had hugged her and calmed her down a bit, I went to look for my sister and asked her if she got some free time to spend with my mother and explained the situation. She said no problem as her flower boxes were still vacant as well. So they went to do this together. It is so hard to see her like that. She feels helpless and discouraged and the smallest things upset her. Unfortunately it was the wrong time to plant some spring flowers or summer flowers, as it was too late for the first and too early for the latter. But she was already feeling better by us keeping her company, therefore it was ok.

But the day ended a lot better after that start. Lin and I went to a nearby town with a larger shopping mile and found a suit for him, a tie matching the color of my dress, a little jacket for me, a shirt for Sward matching the color of my dress and a classy black tie for Sward as well. It took us some hours but the result was great. Unfortunately none of the shoes were to my liking (or cheap enough), I still have to look for some. I urged them to try everything on, for me to see how they looked like. So great! Can't wait for the wedding to come, we will look fabulous
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