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I've only been triggered a few times. My first horrific one was many years after remembering and dealing and what I thought was having it behind me. It was totally accidental, and I was so fortunate that the man I was with was also a survivor. I wanted him to get away from me, but I didn't want him to leave me alone. He went to the farthest corner of the bed (which was my blankets on the floor) and he held my foot until I calmed down. I asked him to call me by my name (which is different than it was when I was a child) and that helped me remember I was now, and not then.

It was kind of awesome. I had been very afraid of such a thing, and then it never happened for years; and then I got to live through and see that it was entirely possible and safe to live through it.

And I haven't really had one like that since.

I don't know if you have PTSD or how you feel about hypnosis, but Wendi Friesen has an awesome hypnosis program for eliminating PTSD. Highly recommend all of her work. (wendi dot com)

I know what you mean about just having a blip. I have had other men be upset about it. I just try to reassure them it's a blip. Before I'm with someone, I have a conversation about being a survivor and that weird things could happen but it's not likely.

Depressed seems like a bit of an odd reaction; and yah, I think you have to give it time. Depression can be anger turned in, and he'd probably like to kill whoever hurt you, and he's probably mad because he didn't know what to do, and he really really really wanted to make it better/okay for you.

Good job! You're doin' fine, sounds like to me....
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