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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
I suppose that's where I get confused. It's like saying there is a square hole and will only accept a square peg. So no changing or evolving as a person into a triangle! Only square pegs! I don't know ANY relationship that would survive like that. Who goes dating and says, "Oh sorry cant date you, you seem great, we click but you don't fill the EXACT hole I am looking to fill."
That's probably why you don't hear of many triads that were formed on purpose! lol

I think the most successful stories I've heard of groups of 3 having healthy, functional relationships have always been accidental - the couple just happens to meet a person who they both fall for, the other person falls for both of them, it wasn't expected so nobody's disappointed if the individual relationships aren't perfect (because really, what relationship is PERFECT?) but as a whole they are happy together and are able to figure out a system where everyone gets their individual needs met and everyone feels fulfilled and equal.

Usually the couple stops thinking of themselves as a couple along the way, though, and I think THAT is the step that scares people.
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